October 17, 2018

Soundkeeper Ends Pumpout Program Completing Over 2,400 Pumpouts


Soundkeeper Pumpout Program completed over 2,400 pumpouts of marine waste tanks for the 2016 boating season, keeping nearly 40,000 gallons of effluent from entering the Sound.  Thank you to all the boaters who used our system to keep the Sound clean of marine-based pollution sources.  Over the near decade that Soundkeeper has been running the program, our pumpout boats have been out on the Sound providing mobile pumpout services to boaters for convenience to boaters and to protect the Sound.  Our operators provide a free service with funding from the CT DEEP and their Clean Vessel Act program.  We hope you have enjoyed the convenience of the program and all the efforts made to keep the Sound fishable and swimmable.  Thank you for your support!
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