October 17, 2018

Soundkeeper Intervenes in Zoning Board Application on subject of Yacht Haven West Replacement Boatyard


Soundkeeper legal intervenor Reed Super made a presentation to the Stamford Zoning Board on Jan. 25th, arguing that Building and Land Technologies (BLT) proposed Davenport/Magee boatyards replacement site is not a viable option to replace the Yacht Haven West (YHW) boatyard which was illegally terminated several years ago.  Mr. Super presented evidence that overwhelmingly demonstrates that the Davenport/Magee boatyards proposed by BLT will not even come close to being equal or better than the 14-acre YHW boatyard site.  The former site of YHW is unique in that there is quick and easy access to the Sound, it is surrounded by deep water, and their is ample land for boat storage, and is a centerpiece of Stamford’s maritime history.

Preserving water-dependent uses of coastal properties on the Sound is one of our founding missions.  Soundkeeper will continue to fight for the restoration of a working boatyard and full service marina at the 14-acre YHW site, and for the protection and encouragement and new water dependent uses on the Sound.