November 15, 2018

Fish Toxics Initiative

Fishable and swimable, that’s what our waters should be. That is what our birthright is, a healthy useable aquatic environment and what the law requires it to be.

Yet, 30 some odd years after the 1972 Clean Water Act was signed into law, many of our waters remain unswimable and the fish from many waters across the nation are not to be eaten.

The toxic contamination of a fish is nothing short of theft. When a fish becomes contaminated from pollution sources to the point it can not be eaten we loose something of value, something that belongs to us that was taken from us against our will. That’s the definition of theft by any standard.

Soundkeeper has created these pages to inform you of the status of fish consumption advisories and efforts to achieve the common sense goals of the nation so long ago committed to, yet has not obtained. It has always been Soundkeeper’s goal to encourage people to use the waters to swim and eat of its bounty.

We hope this information will serve you in your use of the Sound’s waters and encourage you to take action in demanding solid and aggressive policies from both state and federal government toward reaching the goals of fishable and swimable seas, rivers and lakes.

Terry Backer