November 15, 2018

Emergency Links & Contacts

Oil & Chemical Spills

National Response Center (NRC)
US Coast Guard, Group Long Island Sound
24 hours/day: VHF Channel 16
CT–Spill Response Division, DEP (after calling NRC)
24 hours/day: 1-860-424-3338
NY–Oil & Hazardous Spills, DEC
(after calling NRC) within NY State: 1-800-457-7362; if calling from outside NY: 1-518-457-7362

Sewage Spills

CT–Water Management, Municipal Section DEP
state wide: 1-860-424-3704
NY–Oil & Hazardous Spill Response, Section DEC
(raw sewage in large amounts)state wide:1-800-457-7362
US Coast Guard, Group Long Island Sound
24 hours/day:VHF Channel 16

Home Septic System Problems

Septic–CT Department of Health
(after calling town sanitarian)1-860-509-7296

Updates About Oil, Chemical, and Sewage Spills

NY–Region 3 Sub-office, DEC
Westchester County:1-914-332-1835
NY–Region 1 Sub-office, DEC
all of Long Island: 1-631-444-0320
US Coast Guard Captain of the Port
(RI/CT border – NY/CT border) New Haven, CT 1-203-468-4464
US Coast Guard Captain of the Port
(NY/CT border – Hempstead Harbor) New York, NY: 1-718-354-4111

Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Strandings

covers Long Island, NY City, Westchester County 24 hours/day: 1-631-369-9829
CT–Mystic Marine Life Aquarium
8:30 to 4:30 days, recorded: message instructions at night: 1-860-572-5955 ext.1

Poaching or Mammal Molestation/Killing

National Marine Fisheries Service
Law Enforcement Division 24 hours/day: 1-800-853-1964
CT–Turn-in-Poachers Hot Line, CT Dept. of Environmental Protection
24 hours/day: 1-800-842-4357

Toxic Waste Information

CT–Hazardous Materials Management & Enforcement, DEP
(general info and assistance)1-888-424-4193
CT–Home Chemicals & Hazards, DEP
(general info on cleaners, solvents, oils): 1-860-424-3372
CT–Landfills, Waste Engineering & Enforcement, DEP

Federal Coastal Permit Information

EPA Long Island Sound Office
(for general info about federal programs) Stamford, CT: 1-203-977-1541
CT–US Army Corps of Engineers
NE District Regulatory Branch (for info about a permit) 1-978-318-8335
NY–Army Corps of Engineers
(for info about a permit application) New York, NY: 1-212-264-0184

State Coastal Permit Information

CT–Office of Long Island Sound Programs, DEP
General Number: 1-860-424-3034
Boating Safety Hotline
Information and Education US Coast Guard: 1-800-368-5647
Fishing Information
(maps, regulations, etc.) US Fish & Wildlife 1-800-275-3474