April 25, 2018

Over 2,500 Vessel Pumpouts Completed during 2015 Boating Season


Soundkeeper’s pumpout boat fleet completed over 2,500 vessel pumpouts during the 2015 boating season, one of our highest totals ever in our 27 years of service.  Part of this had to do with our new operation of the Bridgeport Pumpout Boat, in conjunction with the Bridgeport Port Authority.  Our pumpout program, funded in part through a grant from the CT DEEP Clean Vessel Program, removed over 40,000 gallons of waste from onboard tanks during this years warm summer months, ensuring that this potential stream of pollution does not create a public hazard through the degradation of water quality.  Water quality degradation affects everything from the fishing and shellfishing industry to recreational swimming and boating.  Maintaining the physical and chemical integrity of the Long Island Sound was one of our founding missions, and one that we will continue to focus on for years to come.  Thank you for your help in keeping the Sound clean!