November 15, 2018

Long Island Sound’s New Soundkeeper Arrives



Save the Sound is pleased to announce that Long Island Sound’s new Soundkeeper is William G. Lucey.

In anticipation of its upcoming merger with Soundkeeper, Inc., Save the Sound is putting the new Soundkeeper on the water. Long Island Sound had been without its iconic on-the-water watchdog since Soundkeeper, Inc. co-founder Terry Backer passed away in late 2015.

Bill Lucey, a native of Wilton, Conn., is a fish and wildlife biologist, a former commercial fisherman, and an experienced advocate. He led a coalition to successfully contest a timber sale on tribal lands in Alaska, lobbied federal agencies in D.C., and coordinated the writing and passage of a 2017 invasive species bill in Hawaii. Most recently, he served as project manager for the Kauai Invasive Species Committee at the Research Corporation University of Hawaii. After three decades of conservation work across North America, he decided the time was right to bring his expertise back to benefit Long Island Sound.

“The woods and the waters where you grow up…it kind of gets in your blood,” Lucey said in early July, while packing for his move. “You never feel truly at home again until you return to your childhood habitat. A lot of progress has been made since I was younger, and I want to be a part of it.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Bill back to Long Island Sound,” said Curt Johnson, executive director of Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound. “He has the passion, experience, and technical know-how to continue Terry’s legacy by patrolling bays and harbors around the entire Sound and by acting as the Sound’s voice in Hartford and Albany.”

In addition to regular patrols, the Soundkeeper acts an advocate, organizer, and resource. Lucey will be backed up by Save the Sound’s water quality team, policy experts, communications staff, and environmental attorneys who enforce the Clean Water Act. The Soundkeeper will work for a new non-profit organization that operates as a subsidiary to Save the Sound.

The Soundkeeper will be officially re-launched with a press conference and boat christening on Thursday, August 3 at Brewers Stratford Marina at 12:00 p.m. Press will be invited to go out on the water with Mr. Lucey. Members of the public are warmly invited to attend.

The event will be followed by an evening reception with the Soundkeeper and other special guests. This celebration is an exclusive opportunity for donors supporting Save the Sound and the new Soundkeeper at the Advocate level; for more information please visit

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