October 17, 2018

Top Ten Environmental Priorities

  1. Upgrade sewage treatment plants. Numerous industrial or sewage treatment facilities seriously violate water pollution laws. Violations cause closed beaches and unswimmable water.
  2. Protect and restore our fragile wetlands. The mother of all marine species, the wetlands we protect guarantee the future of diverse marine life.
  3. Prevent polluted run-off from farms, industry and streets. The combined impact of many smaller pollution sources is substantial.
  4. Make polluters accountable for clean-up and restoration. Environmental criminals should not profit at the expense of jobs, health and recreation of the public.
  5. Protect fish and fishing. Fish are essential to our recreation, food supply, and quality of life
  6. Protect the right to sue polluters. “Watering down” the Clean Water Act and other laws will undermine your effort to protect the environment.
  7. Guarantee continued access to the Sound for swimming, boating, and fishing. The Sound belongs to all and should be accessible to all.
  8. Promote Sound-friendly products — fertilizers, detergents, and beyond. By cultivating new product habits, we can all make a difference in protecting what we love.
  9. Fix broken down storm sewers and waste systems to reduce risks of beach and shellfish bed closings after heavy rains.
  10. Stop industrial seawater withdrawals from power plants and other large once through users of the Sounds water..that results in the death of billions of marine organisms.

Soundkeeper represents your commitment – on the water, in the courts, in public forums, and at the negotiating table. Please consider what a clean and healthy Sound is worth to you and support the Sound today. Soundkeeper wants you to continue to help stop polluters!