October 17, 2018


“The Soundkeeper Fund serves as our model, our conscience and our guide in preserving the priceless waters of Long Island Sound for generations to come.”

Christopher Dodd,
United States Senator, Connecticut

“You have become a symbol for the protection of Long Island Sound that rallies public support for all of our efforts to restore our most valuable natural resource.”

Sidney J. Holbrook
Connecticut Department of
Environmental Protection

“I am so grateful for Soundkeeper, which for ten years has dedicated itself to enhancing Long Island Sound as a vital natural resource.”

Christopher Shays
United States Congressman, Connecticut

“Your commitment to the Long Island Region is noteworthy. I commend your organization.”

Rick Lazio
United States Congressman, New York

“Soundkeeper has done more to raise public awareness of Long Island Sound problems than has any other organization.”

The New York Times