October 17, 2018

Mission Statement

Soundkeeper is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the biological, physical, and chemical integrity of Long Island Sound and its watershed. Laws established by the Clean Water Act, as well as others, were designed to protect the Sound, and other waters, from pollution. But citizens are responsible for seeing that these laws are enforced. Soundkeeper is the vital link – the voice and action of concerned citizens – in making the waters of Long Island Sound fishable and swimmable. By raising awareness and attacking critical issues with the commitment and support of a dedicated citizen network, Soundkeeper is the advocate for the Sound.Our daily work is patrolling, investigating, intervening, and raising public awareness of the Sound’s problems.

Importantly, Soundkeeper continually expands its action and network throughout the watershed. We enlist concerned citizens and community organizations in our mission, and we provide the infrastructure and technical assistance to get things done. Soundkeeper was founded in 1987 by the shellfishing and fisheries communities who were concerned about the progressive pollution and destruction of habitat in the Sound. The “keeper” concept was borrowed from an old English tradition of assigning stewards to monitor the king’s waterbodies. Our strength and unique effectiveness grow from the alliance we have forged among commercial fishermen, environmentalists, corporations, community activists, and others who value the Sound for residential or recreational purposes. Soundkeeper recognizes that the future of the Sound depends on creating and maintaining permanent alliances among these diverse interests.