October 17, 2018

How Do We Differ?

Soundkeeper, Inc. is dedicated to the the protection and preservation of Long Island Sound, its tributaries, and its resources. As the Sound’s on-the-water watchdogs, backed up by a team of legal experts, we have a unique and a uniquely effective profile. Over the past 30 years, we have developed a high level of credibility by working out practical solutions to environmental, economic, and public health threats to the Sound. Outlined below are our program areas for protecting the health of your Sound.

We take direct action to stop polluters and to preserve the Sound

  • Hands-on investigation of problems
  • Negotiation with polluters
  • Calling media attention to the problem
  • If necessary, litigation to stop pollution

We patrol on the water

  • Soundkeeper will be on the water with one patrol boat in 2017. If you would like help us expand our fleet, consider donating your seaworthy vessel that is in good operating condition.
  • Engage a network of volunteer on-the-water stewards for harbors, coves, and embayments

We seek visibility and we create awareness

  • Active presence in the news media
  • Produce books, educational products, and media programming for schools and general populations
  • Sponsor local clean-ups, create presence at public events, make presentations to local groups

We work with people to achieve common goals

  • Provide technical assistance in legal issues and media relations to local groups
  • Maintain active working relationships with other nonprofit groups and government agencies
  • We offer a hotline for answering questions and reporting problems