May 25, 2015

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Pump Out Program

Pumpout Program

Pump Out Program Pump Out Program

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Soundkeeper keeps up the pressure on Stamford Boatyard development

Soundkeeper last week filed an affidavit opposing Building and Land Technology (BLT) request to postpone a ruling on the cease and desist case against the company that demolished the South End boatyard.  Since our inception, Soundkeeper has made it a priority to defend water access and promote water-dependent uses on coastal properties along the Sound. […]


Soundkeeper takes action on proposed sale of Plum Island

Soundkeeper has taken legal action with our Notice of Intent to Sue for Violations of the Consultation Requirements of Section 7 of the Endangered Specied Act in Connection with the Proposed Sale of Plum Island, NY.  Soundkeeper opposes the sale of this precious piece of habitat to the highest bidder and are in favor of […]


Soundkeeper Supports Bans on Plastic Bags and Microbeads

Plastics are entering our natural environment and the waters of the Long Island Sound at a faster rate now than at any other time in the history of humanity.  Manmade plastics can persist in the environment for hundreds and, particularly in an aquatic environment, thousands of years.  Fish which we eat can ingest plastics, thereby […]


Soundkeeper Condemns EPA’s Failure to Establish Technology Requirements to Protect Marine Life from Power Plant Intakes

  On Sept. 2nd Soundkeeper along with an environmental coalition including Riverkeeper and lead attorney Reed Super, filed lawsuits in federal courts seeking to force the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency to establish a clear standard that better protects the hundreds of aquatic species near the nation’s 1,065 power plants after the EPA declined to require closed-cycle cooling […]


Soundkeeper’s Pumpout Fleet Completes over 1,000 pumpouts

Soundkeeper’s Pumpout Program has removed approximately 21,000 gallons of waste to date from over 1,000 individual vessel pumpouts this 2014 boating season.  Waste is off-loaded from our boats at Marine Sewage Disposal Facility (MSDF) locations and then piped to waste water treatment plants.  Dumping sewage in the Sound causes environmental harm and that is why […]

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