November 26, 2015

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Pump Out Program

Pumpout Program

Pump Out Program Pump Out Program

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Over 2,500 Vessel Pumpouts Completed during 2015 Boating Season

Soundkeeper’s pumpout boat fleet completed over 2,500 vessel pumpouts during the 2015 boating season, one of our highest totals ever in our 27 years of service.  Part of this had to do with our new operation of the Bridgeport Pumpout Boat, in conjunction with the Bridgeport Port Authority.  Our pumpout program, funded in part through […]

Soundkeeper Pumpout Program passes 2,000 completions this season

Soundkeeper’s free mobile pumpout service for vessels in Long Island Sound has just completed 2,000 pumpouts and counting for this 2015 boating season!  The weather has been good and people have been out enjoying the Sound this summer, and our pumpout boats have been patrolling the coastal waters in in southwestern CT and southeastern NY, […]

Soundkeeper in the news to protect the Sound from power plant cooling systems

Source:  Newsday Plantiff calls National Grid power plant a “fish-killing machine” August 27, 2015 By:  Mark Harrington An environmentalist who is suing Northport power plant operator National Grid and a state agency said yesterday that the plant is a “giant fish-killing machine” and its continued operation with an antiquated cooling system is “an act of […]

Soundkeeper Sues the State of New York for Failure to Issue a Modern Permit at Northport Power Station

Soundkeeper has filed an Article 78 proceeding naming the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) and the National Grid for failure to take action on the Northport Power Station’s State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit renewal application, which expired in 2011.  An Article 78 proceeding is used to appeal the decision of […]

Soundkeeper Pumpout Boats passes 1,500 vessel pumpouts this 2015 boating season!

      With the 2015 boating season in full swing, Soundkeeper’s fleet of pumpout boats have completed over 1,500 pumpouts of on-board waste tanks on vessels in the Long Island Sound.  We ensure that boaters can easily empty their waste tanks without degrading the water quality in the Sound with our free service.  Our pumpout  boats […]

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